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Here are some questions our customers frequently ask about doing business with us.

faqImgQ. Do you do business cards? If so, how much are they and how fast can I get them?
A. Yes, we do digital, next day business cards as well as flat and raised offset printed business cards (two-three days). We also do full color UV coated business cards which take from four to five business days. We can use your file or custom design a card for you. Prices start at $28 and increase depending on quantity, stock selection and process.

Q. Do you print stationery and envelopes?
A. Yes, we print letterhead, envelopes, business forms and most other items needed for your business. Please see a complete list of our products by clicking the “Products and Services” button.

Q. How can I find out how much it will cost to get my job done?
A. You can request a quote by submitting a RFQ form with information about your job; or you may call us at 702.871.3850 and provide your information over the phone. You may be asked to send your file so we can see what you have. We can also create the artwork for you upon request.

Q. What software do you use and what kind of files do you accept?

A. Our graphic design and production are done on a Macintosh using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. We also accept Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher documents.

Q. How do I send my job?
A. You should send a PDF via email (as an attachment) or use our FTP site for larger files. Of course you may call us and place your order by phone if we already have your files. If you send files other than PDF, there may be font problems and other differences when the job is printed on our equipment.

Q. How do I know if my job will be right?

A. We will process your file and send you an electronic or faxed proof. When you OK the proof, you give us your approval to print the job. We are not responsible for mistakes after that point.

Q. How long will my job take?
A. Production time ranges from one hour to several weeks, depending on the job. We should always know the due date for a job. We will not accept a job if we cannot meet the due date. It is always a good idea to allow extra time in case of equipment failures. If the scope of the job changes, that may alter the production time, but you will always be notified if the original commitment cannot be met.

Q. Do you deliver? Is there a charge?

A. We offer free delivery on orders over $100 to businesses within a 5-mile radius. There is a $15 delivery charge to hotels and convention areas. This charge may be waived depending on the size of the order. It is not always possible to deliver to convention facilities because of union rules and regulations. If you are instructed to use their receiving facilities, we can follow the instructions you are given. We do not deliver to residences.

Q. How do I pay for the job?
A. We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. Your credit card will be charged when work begins on your order.